Face Treatment

At the Rae Clinic we focus on non-invasive and mini-invasive facial treatments. We use different devices and techniques to address issues relating to face and neck volume, contour and laxity. Our wide range of technologies allows us to tailor bespoke treatments for each of our clients. 

Body Treatment

At the Rae Clinic we offer non-invasive and mini-invasive body treatments. Our clinical director, Dr. Ali Ghanem, is an expert in treatments that include body contour, cellulite repair and a variety of skin laxity concerns. 

Skin Treatment

At the Rae Clinic we offer non-invasive skin treatments that address skin texture and overall look of the skin. We use different techniques and technologies to treat scars, pigmentation, vascular lesions and wrinkles, for all skin types. In addition, we can surgically extract lumps and bumps from your skin. 

Body Surgery

At the Rae Clinic,W we perform various Body surgery procedures aimed at substantial improvement in the body’s shape and contour. Our doctors are world-leading specialists, that refined their methods of minimising the appearance of scars and significantly reducing the healing process and risk, a vital prospect when considering body surgery.

Face Surgery

At the Rae Clinic, we perform a variety of facial surgeries aimed at improving prominent facial features and enhancing facial characteristics that decline with the natural ageing process. 

Through comprehensive consultations, our aesthetic specialists plastic surgeons, award-winning experts in their respective fields,  set out to achieve their patients’ best results while taking into account any preconditions, personal goals and realistic expectations. 

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