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The Rae Clinic is home to several expert rhinoplasty surgeons in London. Our surgeons are also experts in revision rhinoplasty surgery, making sure our patients are cared for at the highest standard and with utmost skill and artistry, while creating the aesthetic they have long desired. 

Schedule your consultation with an expert rhinoplasty surgeon at our Harley Street clinic today. We will discuss the options for your rhinoplasty, as well as cost, and options for financing.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in London?

The cost of rhinoplasty in our London clinic typically ranges from £7000 to £10,500. Rhinoplasty surgery starts from £7000, Septo-rhinoplasty starts from £9000 and revision rhinoplasty starts from £10,500. However, you will discuss a bespoke solution and price with our plastic surgeon.

These prices reflect all pre and post operation checkups, nursing care, theatre time, surgeons fees, anaesthetist fees, and dressings. There could be additional minimal costs tied to post-op medicinal care.

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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a ‘nose job’, is a procedure aimed at reshaping, correcting or reconstructing the nose. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world and in the UK.  

Rhinoplasty is carried out for a variety of reasons. The most common of which is to achieve balance in  the overall appearance of the patient’s face. However, some patients choose to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure in order to correct breathing issues, alleviate symptoms of airway blockage or to correct damage to the nose following trauma. 

Whatever the reason for a rhinoplasty might be, an improvement to one of the most prominent features in the face has an enduring impact on a patient’s appearance and all around demeanour.

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At 6 Weeks 90% of the results are noticed
Surgery time
90 minutes
Hospital time
12 hours
12 hours
1 day
Stay home
4 days
10 days
6 weeks
Full recovery
4 weeks

Different Types of Rhinoplasty

Every nose is unique and an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon must approach the procedure while considering the different features of each individual patient, as well as his or her desired results and expectations. Having said that, rhinoplasty surgery can be broadly divided into four types of procedures:

Open Rhinoplasty

An open rhinoplasty is referred to as such because it consists of an incision made to the skin at the center of the nose and around the nostrils’ rim (this is referred to as the columella). While it is usually used for more ‘complicated’ cases it is associated with contemporary reconstructive rhinoplasty approaches as it allows the surgeon a direct view of the nasal structure. 

Closed Rhinoplasty

A closed rhinoplasty does not consist of an incision to the skin at the center of the nose, but incisions placed inside the nostrils, allowing an experienced surgeon to make changes without a direct view of the nasal structure. This however does not affect or relate to the changes made to the nose. The reason for choosing one approach or another is directly related to the severity of the patient’s condition and the aims of the procedure. 


When rhinoplasty procedure is carried out on patients that suffer from a deviated septum, in order to correct breathing issues or alleviate symptoms of airway blockage, it usually entails straightening any parts on the nasal structure that are bent and repositioning them to allow for clearer breathing. By doing so the appearance of the nose benefits and improves as well. 

Rhino-Tip Surgery

As the name suggests, rhino-tip surgery is performed to refine and redefine the nasal tip in patients that do not require any change to the bridge of their nose. The procedure is then carried out to modify or alter the structure of the underlying cartilage. It is commonly performed from inside the nose. 

Why Choose The Rae Clinic in London for Your Rhinoplasty Procedure?

The Rae Clinic’s team of practitioners consists of multi-award-winning Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Our Senior Plastic Surgeon, Prof. Abu-Sittah is an expert in his field, a world-leading specialist in facial reconstruction, he is also a senior clinical lecturer in Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital. He was also awarded the Arnold Huddard Medal of the Craniofacial Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Education Excellence Innovation Award. 

Notably, Prof. Abu-Sittah is an expert in rhinoplasty revision surgery, with years of tending to patients who were unhappy with the results of their primary surgery. 

In addition, importantly, in order to achieve the optimal results from all treatments we perform at our clinic located near Harley Street in London, our plastic surgeons combine the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine. With rhinoplasty surgery, we sometimes use a component derived from the fat cells removed in the procedure. We then use it to enhance the prominence and the quality of the skin and boost the natural healing processes. 

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What to Expect with a Rhinoplasty Surgery Procedure?

As with all the treatments and procedures carried out at our London-based Rae Clinic, you will meet your surgeon prior to your operation for a consultation. During your consultation, you will discuss your concerns, your desired results and expectations, and whether a surgical option is a right path for you. 

Part of the consultation process includes taking a series of 3D digital photographs of your face and nose in various angles. These three-dimensional imaging offers us an in-depth understanding of your facial proportions and the shape of your nose and detailing the different aspects to take into account. It also provides you with imaging of what your rhinoplasty results would look like and creating a realistic picture of what is achievable and what is not possible. 

The rhinoplasty surgery procedure itself takes between 60 to 90 minutes and is usually performed under general (intravenous) anaesthetic, but in some cases can also be performed under sedation. You will discuss your suitable anaesthetic, at your consultation. Rhinoplasty surgery is generally considered a day-case procedure, so you will be able to go home on the same day of the procedure. 

How to Prepare for your Rhinoplasty Procedure

During your consultation with our surgeon at our London-based clinic near Harley Street, a full medical history will be taken to uncover any allergies, medication administration or other issues which might be unsuitable for surgery. You will also outline a strict preparation plan for you to follow prior to your surgery, however, in general terms: 

  • In the 6 weeks leading up to the procedure, all patients are advised to avoid all forms of nicotine. 
  • In the week before the procedure patients are advised to avoid taking any Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), including among others, Ibuprofen, naproxen and high-dose Aspirin
  • On the day of your rhinoplasty, no drinking or eating for at least 8 hours prior to your surgery. Remove any makeup and/or nail varnish. 

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

A detailed outline of your post-surgery recovery and timeline will be thoroughly discussed before and after your procedure, as will a follow-up assessment arranged, however, It is invaluable that you take time to rest and recover from your surgery. In order to contribute to your successful and safe healing, you should take the following time-frames under consideration:

10 days: Noticeable signs of surgery have subsided and the splint removed from your nose.  You can safely return to your workplace. 

2 weeks: Your nose slowly heals and regains its normal strength, laying on your back and keeping your head elevated at night, can now be relaxed. You can safely resume activities such as blowing your nose, bending down, light exercise and flying.  

6 Weeks: Bruising and swelling on the nose and under the eyes should have gradually subsided. The refined shape of your nose can now be somewhat visible. You can safely enjoy contact sports and resume wearing glasses. 

3-6 months: The final outcome of your procedure may take several months to show, but the healing process is well underway. 

Can Rhinoplasty be combined with other procedures?

Rhinoplasty can be combined with almost any facial procedures and treatments carried out at the Rae Clinic. Over the years our surgeons found that patients who underwent rhinoplasty surgery usually combined it with Lip Lift Surgery, Eyelid Surgery and Brow Lift, among others. 

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