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Lip Lift Surgery

£2200Starting price

What is Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip lift surgery is one of a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures that we offer at our London clinic.

The lip lift procedure aims to elevate the upper lip and improve facial balance and proportions. Lip lift surgery offers an effective and natural-looking solution which also reintroduces a youthful appearance in the face, rather than attempting to achieve volume when the lip natural construction does not allow for a fuller lip to be achieved via repeat injectable fillers.

At the Rae Clinic, we offer consultations with our senior aesthetic plastic surgeon, Prof. Ghassan Abu-Sittah (MBchB, FRCS(Plast). During your consultation, you will establish whether this surgical option is the best solution for your concerns. Prof. Abu-Sittah will also examine whether additional treatment by injectables will benefit the overall result you seek.

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1 week
Surgery time
45 minutes
Hospital time
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Stay home
48 hours
48 hours
4 days
Full recovery
4 weeks

How Does Lip Lift Surgery Work?

The lip lift procedure restores volume and proportions to an elongated upper lip with little red lip. The lack of a dominant appearance of a red lip in the upper lip is either an inherited constitution or a consequence of ageing and gravity. Thus, the procedure effectively means a shortening of the distance between the nose and the upper lip by elevating the upper lip. As a result, the appearance of volume in thin lips increases, further exposing the patients’s teeth evenly.

Why Choose the Rae Clinic?

Unlike the common lip lift procedure which entails scarring due to an incision under the patient’s nose, Prof. Abu-Sittah, in an effort to avoid any scarring in the face, approaches the lip lift procedure from inside the lip. Instead of incising the skin in order to pull on the upper lip and create an elevated appearance, Prof. Abu-Sittah uses an incision on the inner lip, thus eliminating any scars and concerns emanating from the scars’ healing process.


How do I know if I am suitable for treatment?

During consultation with our senior plastic surgeon, you will discuss whether a surgical procedure is the best option for achieving your desired result. A full medical history will be taken during your consultation to uncover any allergies, medication administration or other issues that might be unsuitable for any anaesthesia or surgical interventions. If you are pregnant or currently breast feeding you will not be suitable for any surgical operations and will need to await the period of weaning your child, before we can operate.

What can I expect to happen during treatment?

Lip lift surgery is an in-clinic procedure that is performed in around 45 minutes by our estimated, award-winning, reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon, Prof. Abu-Sittah.

How many operations will I need?

Lip lift surgery is performed in one single operation. On occasion revision surgery may be required if the outcome or healing process are not as expected. In those instances, a further operation might be needed, however, this is not a commonplace outcome.

Does It hurt?

Lip lift surgical procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. This means that you will feel no pain during the procedure, however you may experience some mild discomfort once any anaesthesia wears off and up to 48 hours after the procedure. Your aftercare programme will be designed to treat any discomforts with the administration of medications or cooling devices when required.

What are the possible side effects?

All surgical procedures carry risks which will be openly discussed during your consultation and once again before your operation. Risks and side effects from facial plastic surgery include scarring, infection, bleeding, bruising, pain, asymmetry and possibly requiring re-operating. The use of anesthesia also carries its own risks which you will be made aware of.

What results can I expect?

Facial plastic surgery produces immediate results of tightening, reshaping or augmentation. However, the final outcome will truly be visible only after any redness, swelling or bruising subsides in the weeks following your operation. The results of your lip lift procedure will be best visible after 2 -3 weeks.

How long will the results last?

Facial plastic surgery procedures last longer than minimally invasive non-surgical treatments, as they usually involve the removal of skin or fat to rejuvenate the face and reduce the signs of ageing. Although somewhat permanent, it is important to remember that our bodies, and skin, ageing process carries on. Lifestyle including diet, exercise levels, sun exposure and alcohol and smoking habits, all impact our continued aging process and might serve as indication of additional required maintenance treatments. You should expect the lip lift surgery results to last between ten years or permanently , depending on the factors mentioned.

How much does it cost?

You will discuss your bespoke price with Prof. Abu-Sittah during your consultation, however, lip lift surgery prices start at £2200 for the upper lip, and £3200 for both lips.