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Lip Lift Surgery

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Lip Lift Surgery London at Rae Clinic

Rae Clinic’s lip lift surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures at our clinic in London. This procedure aims to elevate the upper lip and improve facial balance and proportions.

 Lip lift surgery offers an effective and natural-looking solution that also reintroduces youthfulness to the face. Rather than attempting to achieve lip volume via repeat injectable fillers where the lip natural construction does not allow for it, lip lift surgery aims to alter the constitution of the lips thus achieving substantial, long-term results. 

At the Rae Clinic London, we offer free consultations with our senior cosmetic plastic surgeon, Prof. Ghassan Abu-Sittah (MBchB, FRCS(Plast). During your consultation, you will establish whether lip lift surgery is the best solution for your cosmetic concerns. Prof. Abu-Sittah will also determine whether additional treatment by injectables will benefit the overall cosmetic appearance you seek.

Home of the Scarless Lip Lift in London

The most common technique used for lip lift procedures can leave visible facial scarring due to an incision in the crease under the patient’s nose, giving rise to patients regularly complaining of the scar pulling on their nose and causing agitation, as well as aesthetic considerations of having a scar in the middle of the face.  

In an effort to avoid such scarring in the face, the Rae clinic’s Prof. Abu-Sittah approaches the lip lift procedure from inside the lip. Incising the inner lip allows Prof. Abu-Sittah to completely avoid any scarring to the face thus eliminating any concerns emanating from the scar’s healing process, while achieving the desired results.

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Is a Lip Lift Worth it?

The lip lift procedure restores volume and proportions to an elongated upper lip that lacks a dominant red lip (vermillion), due to either an inherited constitution or a consequence of ageing and gravity.

The procedure effectively shortens the distance between the nose and the upper lip (the philtrum) by elevating the upper lip. The ideal distance between the nose and the upper lip considered 14-15 mm lengthens to 20 mm or more by the age of 50 and continues to increase over time. A lip lift substantially restores the youthful appearance to the patient’s face by reducing the philtrum, the distance between the nose and the vermillion. 

Importantly, a lip lift also increases the appearance of volume in thin lips, not only promoting fuller lips but also improving your smile by further exposing your teeth evenly and restoring facial balance.

How Much Does Lip Lift Cost in the UK?

You will discuss your bespoke price with Prof. Abu-Sittah during your consultation, however, in London and the rest of the UK, lip lift surgery prices start at £2200 for the upper lip, and £3200 for both lips.

Lip Lift vs. Lip Flip

A lip flip is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves a few injections of toxins just above the patient’s lip border. The Orbicularis Oris muscle around the mouth is then relaxed allowing the top lip to gently roll out, creating a subtle added volume in the upper lip. Repeat treatments are required every 2 to 4 months. 

As toxins affect muscle movement, effectively paralysing the muscle to which it is injected, the patient’s lip might be very temporarily ‘flipped’ but it is also paralysed, often leaving patients with adverse effects such as not being able to use their upper lip. We, therefore, do not recommend this procedure nor do we perform it at our clinic.

Lip Lift vs. Lip Fillers

At the Rae clinic we use top graded dermal fillers to restore tissue volume loss in the lips. Our dermal fillers are composed of Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient found naturally in the human body, acting very much like a natural sponge that attracts water and gives our skin its youthful and plump look. Dermal Fillers last 6-12 months post-treatment after which  the body starts to naturally degrade the Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler over time. Depending on the patient’s reaction, a repeat treatment required roughly every 6 months to maintain results. 

While dermal fillers are a popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure, some patients are reluctant to undergo the treatment as they prefer what they consider a more natural result. Others are concerned with the temporary nature of degradable dermal fillers, which also involves an ongoing expense.

Lip Lift and Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery patients that are planning to undergo lip lift surgery often prefer to undergo both procedures simultaneously. This is due to both surgeries involving incisions in the face in relatively close proximity. Patients are also encouraged by coinciding the recovery time of both procedures as well as saving the costs associated with theater rooms and other administrative fees.

How is Scarless Lip Lift Surgery Achieved?

The Rae Clinic’s singular approach to lip lift surgery, entirely avoids incising the skin under the nose to create an elevated appearance by pulling the skin and the upper lip.

The scarless method in which our surgeons address the procedure is achieved when the inner lip is incised to allow the vermillion to elevate, thus eliminating the visual risks emanating from scarring the middle section of the face.

Lip Lift Recovery Time

Patients are advised to refrain from any activity for 48 hours after the procedure, after which you will be able to resume most normal activities. You should expect to be able to return to work after 3-4 days. Most patients find 4 days of downtime necessary at the least before resuming extraneous activity, including exercise. Expect 2 weeks of visible swellness and 4 weeks before final results are visible.


Does a lip lift change your nose?

As mentioned, the Rae Clinic’s Prof. Abu-sittah created a singular approach to the lip lift procedure, incising the inner lip rather than incising the skin in the crease under the nose, thus eliminating any scarring to the face that some might consider altering the appearance of their nose region. 

However, some patients opt to combine their rhinoplasty surgery and lip lift surgery in order to coincide their downtime and administrative fees.

Will lip surgery make my lips bigger?

No, your lips will not increase in size. However, you can expect a dominant red lip where it was once lacking. Indeed, one of the distinct advantages of undergoing lip lift surgery is that it is an effective way to alter the natural construction of the lip and achieve volume with a natural-looking result.

Will a lip lift make me look younger?

As we age, the skin between the nose and the red part of the upper lip (the philtrum) thins and lengthens, resulting in the upper lip turning downward and thus inward. To put it simply, the ideal distance between the nose and the upper lip considered 14-15 mm lengthens to 20 mm or more by the age of 50 and continues to increase over time. Reducing the distance between the nose and the vermillion, via lip lift surgery, is therefore considered to substantially restore the youthful appearance in the patient’s face.

How long does a lip lift last?

You should expect the lip lift surgery results to last between ten years or permanently , depending on different natural aging processes.

Do lip lifts look natural?

Since the lip lift procedure achieves volume and dominant red lip appearance through altering the innate construction of the vermillion and not via injectables, it is considered to be the most natural-looking solution to patients interested in enhancing the appearance of their lips.