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Jawline Sculpting

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What is Jawline Sculpting?

Jawline Sculpting is one of our clinical director’s, Dr. Ali Ghanem, signature treatments. 

In the Rae Clinic we offer different modalities to perform jawline sculpting:

Firstly, we offer non-invasive treatments to define the jaw. For example, we use Morpheus8 by Inmode, which is a micro-needle, radio-frequency device to contour the jawline, face and neck. In addition, we also offer dermal fillers to add volume when required.  

In addition, we also offer mini-invasive solutions such as the Facetite technology for more severe cases. Facetite is extremely efficient in jawline sculpting as it tightens the skin from within. 

Lastly, where, within the doctor’s discretion, the non-invasive or mini-invasive treatment possibilities would not be sufficient, surgery options are available. 

To conclude, the Rae Clinic offers a range of non-invasive, mini- invasive and surgery options to perform jawline sculpting in order to reach the desired neck and jawline definition. Moreover, our clinical director may suggest a combination of different treatments during your consultation.  

2-3 sessions
Mostly visible after 4-6 weeks
Manageable discomfort
3-5 days
4-6 weeks during the treatment course

What is Jawline Sculpting For?

Jawline sculpting treatments focus on tightening specific vectors on the face and neck subsequently enhancing the outlines of the lower mouth and chin. Most importantly, enhancing the jawline area, can improve the overall appearance of the entire face. 

The Jawline sculpting treatment is for anyone who requires or is interested in more definition to the face. As we age, skin laxity around the face and neck increases, as a result, face definition is blurred and results in a saggy appearance. 

Our clinical director, Dr. Ghanem, specialises primarily in jawline sculpting treatments using the Morpheus8. Above all, this means recontouring important facial features while reducing small areas of fat and tightening lax skin. At the same time, the treatment addresses skin tone and texture to improve overall appearance of the skin. 

In summation, Jawline Sculpting contours the face for a better looking, tight and fresh appearance.  

The Rae Factor

We specialise in combining our treatments with innovative enriching methods to optimise the results achieved by our treatments. As a result, the body rejuvenates and repairs the skin layers in the most natural way possible. For instance, we can include treatments such as iPRF whereby growth factors harvested from your own blood are reintroduced to the area treated to further stimulate the natural healing response.

How does it work?

As previously mentioned, we have several modalities that we use for jawline sculpting treatments. However, the micro-needle, radio-frequency treatment is our most popular method that we also frequently use in combination with other modalities. 

The main purpose of the treatment is to deliver controlled heat at varying depths in the skin layers. Consequently, channels of micro-injury form in the skin and as a result, the body stimulates a natural healing response that also tightens the skin, thus achieving the required jawline sculpting outcome.

Our doctors deliver the controlled heating in a sporadic, fractional manner on the skin lair. Therefore the skin surface is not targeted in its entirety. As a result, the skin heals faster and downtime reduces significantly. 

 Most importantly, the face is treated using a maximum needle depth of 3mm to precisely target small fat accumulations, such as those found in the chin and jawline. In addition, prior to the treatment, the Clinic therapists will usually apply anaesthetic cream on the treated area in order to reduce any discomfort during the treatment itself.


How do I know if I am suitable for Jawline sculpting treatments?

During a consultation with Dr. Ali Ghanem you will discuss your physical concerns and which treatment modality  is the right option of treatment for you.

Moreover, a full medical history will be taken during your consultation to uncover any allergies, medication administration or other issues which might be unsuitable for any of the treatments that we offer.

If you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding you will not be suitable for the microneedling treatment and will need to await the period of weaning your child, before we can embark on a treatment plan.

What can I expect to happen during a Jawline sculpting treatment?

With the microneedling modality the area being treated will be cleansed and marked as a guide for the treatment. Meanwhile, a strong topical local anesthetic will be applied to the area in order to maximise your comfort. 

During treatment the small microneedles will enter the skin, delivering the radiofrequency energy at the required power and depth levels needed for the area being treated.

Topical anesthetic takes around an hour, while the Jawline sculpting treatment itself  takes between 30 and 45 minute. 

How many treatments will I need ?

Two to three treatment sessions are required, on average, for significant improvements in the skin and face.

Does It hurt?

Expect to feel a sense of pressure during the procedure, with only minimal discomfort and a sensation of mild heat. In addition,  A topical anesthetic or numbing cream is applied before treatment commences for added comfort. 

What are the possible side effects?

Expect your skin to feel tight immediately after treatment, with redness, swelling, possible minor bruising and tenderness lasting for a short while and up to two or three days. 

You will notice small, dot-like marks on the skin where the micro-needles have penetrated the surface. These will shrink and heal after one to three days. 
You are advised not to scratch or scrub the area as this can induce infection, scarring or pigmentation changes. Aftercare advice will be provided. 

Any discomfort in the days after your treatment can be managed with cooling or over-the-counter pain medication.

Downtime varies and depends on the depth of treatment performed. 3-5 days are normal for deeper facial treatments. 

How long will the results last?

Results are long-lasting and maintained up to three to five years after completing a full treatment course.  

How much does jaw sculpting cost?

The cost of the treatment can vary considerably while choosing the right modality for you. The Microneedling treatment is in the lowest price range. A single treatment starts from £990.