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Facial Plastic Surgery

Why Facial Plastic Surgery?

Facial plastic surgery procedures are the optimal tool at the hands of a plastic surgeon, working to truly transform the physical characteristics of the patient. However, we do not use this tool heedlessly since surgical options usually bare risks.

These days, defying the natural ageing of facial features and its associated transformations, is possible with a variety of non-surgical treatments available at the Rae Clinic. However, when it comes to advanced manifestations of ageing, deformity or structural changes in the soft tissue of the facial envelope, the use of non-surgical or minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, cannot always achieve the desired, long-lasting result. In these circumstances, facial plastic surgery procedures are possibly the best option.

At the Rae Clinic, we offer consultations with our Aesthetic Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ali Ghanem, MD PhD FRCS Plast., on the comprehensive range of facial plastic surgery procedures. Together with Dr.Ghanem you will be able to make an informed decision on whether a surgical option would best meet your needs and achieve the optimal desired results. 

One operation
Can last between 2-10 years, depending on the procedure
All surgical procedures are performed either under general anesthesia, sedation or local anesthetic infiltration
1-2 weeks The healing process will continue over the following several weeks
Usually unnecessary but can be done after 3-5 years

What is Facial Plastic Surgery for?

Facial plastic surgery procedures will be performed at a CQC-registered Hospital where Mr. Ghanem holds practicing privileges. It includes:

  • FaceTite™ and NeckTite™ procedures
  • Face, neck and brow lifts
  • Upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
  • Rhinoplasty, also known as a ‘nose job’
  • Ear correction surgery using Earfold® or traditional pinnaplasty operations
  • Chin augmentation using implants
  • Facial contouring implants of malar, submalar, temporal and mandibular augmentation
  • Techniques to remove fat and tighten facial tissue using micro-liposuction and micro-lipografting.
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The Rae Factor

Dr. Ghanem is a leading authority in using enriching methods in combination with facial plastic surgical procedures. The use of growth factors such as PRF therapy or nanofat transfer can have a considerable impact on your natural post-surgery healing process, additionally assisting the natural formation of new skin cells.

Our Facial Procedures


The FaceTiteTM and NeckTiteTM devices combine liposuction and radio-frequency tightening. At the Rae Clinic we use these devices to remove excess fat in the facial area. Meanwhile, it is also works to tighten and remodel the overlying skin without the need for invasive surgical interference. 

Upon insertion the radio-frequency probe works to immediately tightens the skin structures. This holistic approach to face and neck tightening provides a scar-less face and neck lift solution and is ideal for patients without excessive amounts of loose or sagging skin.

Face Lift

Our face lift procedure is designed to remove excess skin while at the same time work to tighten the underlying layers of muscle and facial tissue. Accordingly, this allows for reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging of the ageing face. Face lift procedures are considered to be the most common facial plastic surgery procedures.

Neck Lift

With age the skin around the neck loses its flexibility, resulting in a wrinkled appearance, often referred to as ‘turkey neck’. A neck lift removes any excess skin and/or fat, while also tightening lax muscles resulting in a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Brow Lift

At the Rae Clinic we preform brow lift procedures on heavy or drooping brows. These usually impact the function and appearance of the eye area and result, unwillingly, in a sad or angry expression.

Eyelid (Blepharoplasty) Surgery

Blepharoplasty surgery can improve the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids by removing excess skin from the upper eyelids. Moreover, excess skin in the eyelid that results in hooding might impede the patient’s vision. Lower eye bags where fat has herniated around the eyes, can also be removed.


Nose surgery or rhinoplasty works to correct functional and aesthetic nasal concerns. Significantly, all procedures on the nose are performed without compromising the ability to breathe. At the same time we are still able to maintain the aesthetic goals of the procedure, namely, reshaping prominent or naturally misshaped noses, correcting humps and/or defects caused by injury or disease.

Chin augmentation

A recessed or small chin can be augmented using surgically placed chin implants that will complement the patient’s prominent facial features and shape.

Ear correction with Earfold® or traditional pinnaplasty

Protruding ears (ears that stick out) can sometimes be a source of embarrassment . Ear pinning surgery has been available for many year. However, Earfold® offers a less invasive solution that uses a smart implant to hold the ear cartilage in the revised, desired shape.


How do I know if I am suitable for treatment?

During consultation with Prof. Ghanem, our plastic surgeon, you will discuss whether a surgical procedure is the best option for achieving your desired result. A full medical history will be taken during your consultation to uncover any allergies, medication administration or other issues that might be unsuitable for any anesthesia or surgical interventions. If you are pregnant or currently breast feeding you will not be suitable for any surgical operations and will need to await the period of weaning your child, before we can operate.

What can I expect to happen during treatment?

All plastic surgery operations are performed in CQC-registered Hospitals by our estimated, award-winning, reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon, Prof. Ghanem.

What is the Regenerative Factor?

With all our treatments we offer a bespoke and tailored Regenerative Factor to enhance the results, prolong the effect of the initial treatment and achieve more natural-looking results. This regenerative concept is the fundamental ethos of our clinic. We know that adding regenerative medicine techniques and ingredients such as growth factors, polypeptides, vitamins, amino acids, nanofat cells or platelet rich fibrin (PRF) harvested from your own blood, can encourage rapid and natural healing, stimulating the production of your own collagen and elastin. Adding a Regenerative Factor to aesthetic treatments is at the cutting-edge of aesthetic medicine and we are very proud to be able to offer this added value treatment to all our patients in order to optimise their aesthetic outcome.

How many operations will I need?

All facial plastic surgeries are performed in one single operation and theatre visit. On occasion revision surgery may be required if the outcome or healing process are not as expected. In those instances, a further operation might be needed, however, this is not a commonplace outcome.

Does It hurt?

Surgical procedures such as face, neck or brow lifts, rhinoplasties, blepharoplasties or ear correction are performed under general anesthesia or under sedation*. This means that you will feel no pain during the procedure, however you may experience some pain and discomfort once any anesthesia wears off. Your aftercare programme will be designed to treat any discomforts with the administration of medications or cooling devices when required. * FaceTite or NeckTite procedures can also be performed using infiltration of local anesthesia.

What are the possible side effects?

All surgical procedures carry risks which will be openly discussed during your consultation and once again before your operation. Risks and side effects from facial plastic surgery include scarring, infection, bleeding, bruising, pain, asymmetry and possibly requiring re-operating. The use of anesthesia also carries its own risks which you will be made aware of.

What results can I expect?

Facial plastic surgery produces immediate results of tightening, reshaping or augmentation. However, the final outcome will truly be visible only after any redness, swelling or bruising subsides in the weeks following your operation. Whilst you recover, the addition of regenerative medicine techniques and ingredients will further enhance your healing process and promote a more rapid repair response in your own body, further enhancing the natural results we are able to achieve.

How long will the results last?

Facial plastic surgery procedures last longer than minimally invasive non-surgical treatments, as they usually involve the removal of skin or fat to rejuvenate the face and reduce the signs of ageing. Although somewhat permanent, it is important to remember that our bodies, and skin, ageing process carries on. Lifestyle including diet, exercise levels, sun exposure and alcohol and smoking habits, all impact our continued aging process and might serve as indication of additional required maintenance treatments. You should expect facial plastic surgery results to last between two and ten years, depending on the specific procedure.

How much does it cost?

Facial plastic surgery cost depends on the area being treated, approximate surgery time, anesthesia requirements and costs incurred by the Hospital where the operating theatre is located. You will discuss your bespoke price with our surgeon.

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