Rae Clinic sets out to revolutionize the way that different techniques are utilized in aesthetic clinical practice. Instead of offering only a quick fix, Rae Clinic combines the very best fast-acting aesthetic procedures in the market with additional long-lasting exponential enriching methods. 

The benefits of our enriching methods, in combination with commonplace aesthetic procedures, provides a more natural look that helps to enhance your body’s native healing processes. Taking cells from the body and enhancing them helps to build on natural growth factors present in the body and reintroduce them to the body, producing natural effects unmatched by standard aesthetic procedures alone.

surgeon from Rae clinic
Prof. Ali Ghanem
Medical Director As a multi-award-winning aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Ghanem is one of the leading experts in stem cell treatment and founder of the Academy of the Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine. Learn more
surgeon at Rae clinic in london
Prof. Ghassan Abu-Sittah
Senior Plastic Surgeon Unlike other parts of the body, in the face the aesthetic is functional. It determines social and economic integration and wellbeing. Prof. Abu-Sittah’s scientific and artistic approach to the dynamic of the face and its features, is at the core of his surgical method and techniques. Learn more
surgeon in london Rae clinic
Dr. George Christopoulos
Plastic Surgeon Considering plastic surgery as the juncture between medical science and fine arts, Dr. Christopoulos approaches aesthetic plastic surgery, with the same passionate commitment and precision as the ancient Greek sculptures’ representations of the human body that inspire him. Learn more